Sacramento– Today, Assembly Republican Whip, Devon J. Mathis (R-Porterville), announced that Governor Newsom signed his bill, Assembly Bill (AB) 1180, into law over the weekend. This bill adds federally recognized California Indian Tribes to the list of local, state, or federal agencies who are offered a right of first refusal when purchasing surplus lands from a local agency.
Sacramento– Today, the Assembly Republican Whip, Devon J. Mathis (R-Porterville), lead several Assembly Republicans in submitting a letter to Governor Newsom requesting additional resources to address the continued Employment Development Department (EDD) unemployment claims backlog.
Sacramento– Today, Assemblymember Devon J. Mathis (R- Porterville) announced that AB 754 passed out of the Assembly with bipartisan support.  The measure would authorize the Department of Water Resources (DWR) to extend the deadline for the submission of a groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) for a high- or medium priority basin for up to 180 days.
Sacramento– Today, Assembly Republican Whip Devon J. Mathis (R-Visalia) issued the following statements regarding yesterday’s Assembly Appropriations Committee’s Suspense File Hearing. “I am extremely disappointed in the Assembly Appropriations Committee and their blatant misalignment of priorities,” said Mathis. “Regrettably, this committee has become a hyper-partisan institution where only the favorite members of committee leadership are allowed any opportunity for legislative success.  This non-transparent process allows an oligarchy to have complete control over the policy direction of the state, often at the detriment of its residents.”
Sacramento– Today, Assemblymember Devon Mathis (R-Visalia) issued the following statement regarding Governor Newsom’s drought announcement:  “As the state braces for the inevitable water restrictions and conservation plans, it is important to remember that we had several years to collect and store excess rainfall to better prepare for this drought.  The majority party failed to do so,” said Mathis. “Sadly, we saw millions of gallons of drinkable water flow directly out to sea, rather than refilling our struggling aquifers.  While the state cannot take back its wasteful attitude over the last few years, we must focus on properly using the water we have stored up.”