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Aug 24
Lawmakers pass drought bill to help homeowners drill deeper wells | 08/24/2016
A drought relief bill providing $15 million in loans and grants to homeowners to deepen dry wells passed the Assembly unanimously, Assemblyman Devon Mathis, R-Visalia, said Tuesday.
Aug 21
Local photographer’s art lines capitol’s walls | 08/21/2016
“The city of Visalia’s partnership with Arts Visalia and the Urbanist Collective to develop and execute this community beatification project is a great example of thinking outside the box and teaming...

Press Releases

Mar 04
El Niño won’t solve California’s water crisis | 03/04/2016
There has been a lot of optimism for the last year that El Niño could bring California relief from the five-year drought. But though we have seen our rivers swell and our mountains capped...
Jun 19
California Budget Not Focused on What California Needs Most…Water! | 06/19/2015
SACRAMENTO – Today, Assemblyman Devon Mathis (R-Visalia) voted against various Trailer Bills in today’s Extraordinary Session. Once again, the Majority Party voted in favor of bills with...


Jun 28
Watch my comments about why the State should study Vet Courts | 06/28/2016

Assemblyman Mathis talks about his proposal to study Veterans' treatment courts.

Apr 04
Assembly Bill 1556 Press Conference | 04/04/2016

Assemblyman Devon Mathis hold a press conference with veterans in support of Assembly Bill 1556. AB 1556 will keep more veterans in their homes by exempting the annual property tax from a disabled...