For Immediate Release, November 19, 2019 Contact: David Kline (916) 930-3108 or More Than $4.4 Billion a Year in Higher Taxes and Fees Signed Into Law in 2019 SACRAMENTO – During the first year of the 2019-20 legislative session, state lawmakers and the governor approved more than $4.4 billion a year in higher taxes and fees, the nonpartisan California Tax Foundation reported today.
Assemblyman Mathis Calls on Governor to Power Schools Visalia – Today, Assemblyman Devon J. Mathis (R-Visalia) calls on the Governor to allocate funding to the Office of Emergency Services (OES) for the purchasing and deployment of large-scale generators in areas affected by the recent power shut offs. “With the normalization of these power shut offs and the expectation for continued outages in the future, something needs to be done to make sure our schools have power to continue our children’s educations,” said Mathis. “If we supply OES with large-scale generators that the can easily deployed in communities affected by the shutoffs, we can ensure that our schools are not left in the dark.”
RE: AB 590 (Mathis): Milk Dear Governor Newsom: I request that you sign into law AB 590, authored by Assembly Members Mathis and Eggman. AB 590 will amend the Food and Agricultural Code to conform provisions related to Dairy Council of California (council) and the Milk Producer Security Trust Fund (Fund) to the recent adoption of the California Federal Milk Marketing Order (FMMO).
Total Could Nearly Double if “Spot Bill” Is Amended to Impose Tax on Services SACRAMENTO – California lawmakers have proposed more than $20.4 billion a year in higher taxes and fees so far during the current legislative session, the nonpartisan California Tax Foundation reported today.
Translating What the Gov. Says to What the Gov. Means In the last year, Governor Newsom has made a number of statements that, to put it bluntly, are completely detached from reality. For a while, we were worried the Governor was being dishonest with Californians, telling people one thing but doing another. Eventually, we realized the true meaning of his words was just getting lost in translation. To help you avoid the same confusion, we’ve prepared a handy pocket guide for translating Newsom-ese into English. HOUSING: Newsom-ese