Assemblymember Devon Mathis Comments on State’s Drought Announcement

Sacramento– Today, Assemblymember Devon Mathis (R-Visalia) issued the following statement regarding Governor Newsom’s drought announcement: 

“As the state braces for the inevitable water restrictions and conservation plans, it is important to remember that we had several years to collect and store excess rainfall to better prepare for this drought.  The majority party failed to do so,” said Mathis. “Sadly, we saw millions of gallons of drinkable water flow directly out to sea, rather than refilling our struggling aquifers.  While the state cannot take back its wasteful attitude over the last few years, we must focus on properly using the water we have stored up.”

“The Central Valley, home to the City without Water, is one of the hardest hit regions in the state during these historic droughts,” said Mathis.  “While the vast majority of the state’s food is grown in the Central Valley, our residents have to fight for every single drop of water.  More often than not, my friends and neighbors are left with extremely poor water quality if they even receive any water at all.  We must work together to diversify our water portfolio and upgrade our aged out infrastructure.”

“With the state declaring a monetary surplus bordering on $14 billion, I call upon the state take the charge of providing access to clean, safe and affordable drinking water for all of its residents very seriously,” said Mathis.  “If we were direct a fraction of these available funds to clean water projects, we can better insulate our at-risk communities from the severe effects of a lingering drought.  Further, we can help ensure than any additional rainfall we receive can be put to good use, promoting the health of our residents and our environment.”