The Castle is Falling

Assemblymember Devon Mathis Responds to May Revise

Sacramento– Today, Assemblymember Devon Mathis (R-Visalia) responds to Governor Gavin Newsom May Revise. Gov. Newsom today unveiled a revised state budget that reflects the economic devastation wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic, shaving $19 billion off the January spending plan he released when state coffers were brimming with money. The revised plan reflects a 22% drop in revenue and calls for general fund spending of $133.9 billion, down from $153 billion in January. The total state budget is pegged at $203 billion, a $19 billion drop from just four months ago. Mathis as a member of the Assembly Budget Committee is very nervous regarding the Governors speech today.

“We are in unprecedented times. This is a budget crisis for the history books, Said Mathis”. “I don’t support firing teachers, first responders or other essential workers just to balance the Budget. We shouldn’t place these burden on our heroes but maybe look at our current spending. I have an idea, eliminating high-speed rail would save a half billion dollars. I have been calling for the end to this project for years. A hypothetical train is not worth real jobs for teachers and first responders”.

“Now more than ever we need to stabilize our economy. More work means more economic activity, which funds essential services. We will never rebound without private businesses up and running, there is no money for priorities today or in the future without them”, said Mathis. Our state will need to continue the partnership with the federal government. Federal aid would stave off cuts that might cut teachers and first responders and close hospitals”.

“If anything we need to focus on modernizing our government. I have been calling for this since the day I took office. If we need to live in the new norm, then we need to fix the problems at EDD. Californians who just lost their job should not have to endure delays and dysfunctional websites and call centers just to get UI. Our children need online platforms at schools to allow for distance learning. In this budget we must protect the right to an education for students in rural and underserved areas”, said Mathis.