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Eighty-two of 120 legislators failed the scorecard while only 25 got a grade of “A.” Of these, 15 legislators received the coveted and difficult to achieve perfect score in 2019: Assemblymembers Bill Brough, Vince Fong, Tom Lackey, Devon Mathis, Melissa Melendez, Jay Obernolte, and Randy Voepel, and state Senators Pat Bates, Ling-Ling Chang, Shannon Grove, Brian Jones, Jim Nielsen, Jeff Stone and Scott Wilk.
“The California state budget breaks a record, tops $220 billion, but we also have to remember California has a staggering number of homeless people compared with the rest of the country,” said Mathis. “The homeless population last year was almost 130,000, nearly a quarter of the national total, federal data showed. Homelessness is also a more visible part of life in California. A vast majority of its homeless people are unsheltered, living under freeways, in parks and on the street.”
Meanwhile, Asm. Devon Mathis (R–Visalia) noted that despite a generous budget proposal, it lacked in one key category for Valley residents: water. “While our population has grown dramatically, we have not built a new reservoir in decades,” Mathis said in a statement. “We need to make investments in our water infrastructure that increase storage, help people conserve and improve our ability to weather the next drought.”
"When the state runs it, it costs more money," said Republican Assemblyman Devon Mathis, who's also on the health subcommittee. "The money is coming out of families' pockets paying all those crazy taxes."
Others don’t share the sentiments on the size of the budget. Assemblymember Devon Mathis (R-Visalia) spoke of his concerns about water storage and homelessness. “Despite talk of fiscal prudence, our budget is not on a sustainable path. Even a moderate economic downturn could mean disaster. Assembly Republicans want to ensure a strong and stable safety net for vulnerable Californians, improve our schools and keep our neighborhoods safe. To do that we need to spend wisely and not repeat past mistakes,” Mathis said.