By: Assemblyman Devon J. Mathis California regularly struggles to meet power demands during the summer months, resulting in rolling blackouts that put our residents at risk. This issue is compounded by the goal of transitioning our entire automotive industry away from fossil fuels and onto renewable options. Simply put, we are far too behind in our production of energy to meet these lofty goals. It is for this reason, in my opinion, that Governor Newsom has come around on the issue of the closure of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant, which is set to shut down by 2025. Diablo Canyon, which… read more
By: Assemblyman Devon J. Mathis California’s agriculture community produces nearly half of the country’s fruit, nuts, and vegetables, and is responsible for feeding millions of families at home and around the globe. With nearly 70,000 farming operations across 24.3 million acres of land, California remains the largest agricultural producer and exporter in the nation, generating at least $100 billion in related economic activity a year. Our agriculture industry is comprised of family farms and commercial animal feeding operations (CAFOs), which are enterprises that sell for commercial gain… read more
Looking back over the last year and a half, Californians have endured an enormous amount of uncertainty in the midst of a pandemic that is refusing to go away. As schools were closed with distance learning taking its place, the lack of internet access by our schoolchildren has been a continual concern for parents, school districts, and public policy makers alike. This year, the Legislature has made significant progress on this front, spending billions in the state budget to increase broadband statewide. Unfortunately, our communities are disproportionately affected by the lack of… read more
Amongst the many impacts of COVID-19, one of the most troubling is that of the increasing rates of mental health issues and difficulties, specifically that of children, and education loss. In a press release circulated last week, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the First Partner of California, proudly announced the creation for “the very first time [of] innovative access programs for children and families to explore state parks” by allowing free access to state parks for fourth graders through the signing into law of AB 148 and SB 129. According the aforementioned press release from the office of… read more
Over half of the state’s agriculture comes from the Central Valley, but valley farmers aren’t getting the water or resources they need to operate. A recently released PPIC report illustrated the problem by saying, “Worsening droughts, increasing regulations to protect endangered native fishes and growing demand for Delta imports in Southern California have compounded surface scarcity”. In 2017, California responded to this water stress by creating the Groundwater Sustainability Agencies through the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). These agencies operate throughout the valley… read more