Past Leg Successes

Leg Year - 2021-2022

Changes the makeup of the California Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Advisory Committee (Committee), which is comprised of seven total members, to update committee membership since two of the authorities referenced in code have since dissolved. Replaces the required membership of the Committee from one committee member from the Fort Ord Reuse Authority and two from the Fort Ord Veterans Cemetery Citizens Advisory Committee, to instead include three representatives from local veterans' service organizations appointed by the secretary of the California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet). 

Recasts the California Farmland Conservancy Program (CFCP) to update statutory language and remove barriers to access for farmers and ranchers. Serves as an Assembly Agriculture Committee bill that seeks to implement a number of non-controversial proposals to update the California Farmland Conservancy Program.

Makes several technical changes to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) including deleting a reference to a code section that no longer exists, deleting an operative date from several years ago, deleting a section that would have provided expedited judicial review for the Farmers Field Project in Los Angeles that never came to fruition, and deleting two code sections that are now obsolete.  Serves as one of the two committee bills for the Assembly Natural Resources Committee.

This bill makes changes to two existing programs: management of conservation easements using state funds and the California Conservation Corps.

Adds the Blue Grass Stakes to the group of stake races that are exempt from the 50-race per day limit on imported races in California. Provides the horse racing industry an opportunity to increase the attendance and interest in the sport of horse racing.

Acts as the omnibus bill to improve the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act.  Extends the sunset date on the statute that allows alcohol producers to hold free invitation-only events to promote their wine or distilled spirits and the statute that permits beer manufacturers to provide up to five cases of glassware to on-sale licensees. Corrects errors, eliminates duplicative fees for applications, and recognizes a new license number for special licenses codified by the Legislature.

Designates September 4, 2021, and the same date each year thereafter, as Taekwondo Day. Raises awareness about the history of Taekwondo as a traditional Korean martial art, and recognizes the physical and mental health benefits it brings to practitioners.

Proclaims January 13, 2021, as Korean American Day. Provides the annual commemoration of the Korean American community.

Proclaims April 2021 as Black April Memorial Month, a special time for Californians to remember the lives lost during the Vietnam War era, and to hope for a more humane and just life for the people of Vietnam, in recognition of the great tragedy and suffering and lives lost during the Vietnam War. Memorializes the impact of the Fall of Saigon on the Vietnamese and the effect it had for the Vietnamese American community.

Resolves that AMVETS, since 1945, has exhibited leadership, advocacy, and service for California’s Veterans and their families. Commends AMVETS Department of California for providing benefits and services to their fellow Veterans, as well as playing an important role in the civic life of their communities for 75 years. Commends the work and history of AMVETS in supporting veterans.

Recognizes May 2021 as Blue Star Mothers of America Month in California. Celebrates the history of Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc. and its and contribution to United States military personnel and their families.

Proclaims September 26, 2021, as Gold Star Mothers’ and Families’ Day in California. Recognizes the sacrifice made by the families whose children lost their life due to serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Proclaims September 2021 as California Firefighter Appreciation Month and September 25, 2021, as California Firefighters Memorial Day. Urges Californians to always remember the firefighters who have given their lives in the line of duty and express their appreciation to those firefighters who continue to protect our families. Honors fallen firefighters.

Proclaims the week of January 31 to February 6, 2021, as Physician Anesthesiologist Week. Raises awareness about the crucial role physician anesthesiologists play in the medical field especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This measure would declare August 7, 2021, as Purple Heart Day in California.